Reeses Puffs

This cereal is da-bomb. It has sugar upon sugar upon sugar. Ooooh yeah! If you have ever wondered what it would be like to eat peanut butter with chocolate in your cereal bowl, then try this stuff. Two thumbs up for a heart attack in a bowl. I love it. The only downside is that it has been known to look like dog food. Ok, now I need to go and work out for about 3 hours.

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Raisin Nut Bran Cereal

Raisin Nut Bran

How do you make a cereal that is higher on fiber (5 grams of fiber) with raisins that everyone will love? Well, I think that General Mills got something right when they added some nut flour to the outside of the raisins. This cereal is not for the faint of chewing. It will give your jaws a work-out, but boy does it taste fantastic. The sugar content is not the lowest, but the bran is high in this one. The cereal has a good crispness if eaten soon after milk is added, however it will get soggy fast. So that’s something to be considered. Sogginess was never a problem for me as I practically have the cereal eaten before it hits the bowl I love it so much. On a side-note, it has 14 grams of sugar, which might be why I enjoy it so much. :) If raisins alone do not have enough sugar for you, don’t worry because General Mills has this covered with additional sugar, corn syrup, and brown sugar added to the breakfast food. Mmmm yum.

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Honey-Comb in Bowl


Wow, do I enjoy the taste of Honey-Comb cereal. I grew up on this stuff, and recently I bought a box to see if it still tastes great. I have to say I still enjoy it a lot. I was reading up on Honey-Comb and found out that the formula has changed since when I first ate the stuff. I guess there was an effort to make it more healthy by adding more fiber to the mix. I then heard that some people were disappointed by the change and Post changed it to have a better taste, but some people were not happy about it still. I have to say that it tastes great to me, of course I do like many cereals and I have changed to included much more fiber in my diet, so I don’t know if that contributes to my satisfaction of the food. If you want a crunchy cereal, Honey-Comb delivers. If you want yours not to be so crunchy, give it a couple of minutes to get softer. In my opinion, this is a classic and it still delivers. How about you? What cereal do you enjoy most? Vote on the sidebar.

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